Do you ever feel like you need a head change? Something to pull you out of all the negativity!


Stay Trippy is an herbal smoke blend made with blue lotus, passionflower, and wild lettuce come together to bring you the most potent calming, mood-enhancing, Increased libido, Dreamlike sensation, and relaxing herbal smoke. It has 3 of the most potent psychoactive herbs. They are known for euphoria and tranquillity. People become more aware of their higher selves.


Sometimes your mind has shut down from a hectic day, but your physical body still needs a "slow me down."  Enjoy our Herbal Stay Trippy to experience full rest for your mind and body and to assist in resolving restlessness as well as muscular and nerve pain.


This smoking improves the body's defense system against various diseases, especially work on the Nervous system. Stay Trippy blend gives a calming, relaxing effect on nerves, giving a peaceful, calm & relax the mind.

Stay Trippy