Nasty Nights is an herbal smoke blend that acts as an aphrodisiac; it increases sexual arousal and stamina. It's made with rose petals, damiana, and mullein. We have an assortment of premium-quality herbal blends to help you fulfill your sexual potential.


All of our herbs used in this blend are organic and ethically sourced herbs from around the world, hailed as enhancing the sexual experience. People seek out aphrodisiacs for numerous reasons. Sometimes folx want to feel more sexual because sex is fun! Maybe they aren't feeling sexual enough because of health issues, stress, or other people's opinions.


To make the Nasty Nights herbal smoking blend more holistic and healthy. Stress is one of the number one facets of modern existence that keeps us from truly letting loose in the bedroom and having transcendent, mind-blowing sex with our partners. When we're wound up and mentally preoccupied, we can't tune in and be present in our bodies or hearts.  


Nasty Nights herbs make potent allies for us in this regard by easing our nerves, freeing our minds, and stimulating our body's capacity for tactile pleasure. It has also been valued as a relaxant, digestive stimulant, mood enhancer.

Nasty Nights