Are you suffering from insomnia, stressed and suffering from muscle spasm? I know you are and Drowsy Heaux is the top cure you need to balance yourself. Drowsy Heaux is more of a life settlement deal than a smoke blend. Its ingredients are well ordered for your health and safety. With the Drowsy Heaux, you’ll get served with all these listed control:


  • Cures insomnia and relieves the body.

  • Works to better an upset stomach.

  • Prevents vomiting.

  • Excellent to empower women during menstruation.

  • Improves skins and cures muscle pains.

  • Removes Depression.

  • Solves weight issues.

  • Improves oral health

  • Cures Nausea

  • Perfect sleep manager


Ingredients: Damiana, Calendula, Chamomile 

Drowsy Heaux